Friday, December 30, 2016

Duluth Trip: Meeting Willow and Checking out Bentleyville

We loaded up the kids back on the first weekend of December and took a roadtrip up to Duluth.

We had a few reasons:

1. We had a new member of the family and we couldn't wait to meet her. Willow Noel was born November 23 and we couldn't wait to introduce ourselves. I also had the privilege of snapping a few newborn pics of the girlie and that was just way. too. fun. (I've forgotten how much I have missed using that creative side of myself)

2. So as not to be toooo overwhelming (we are a 3-ring circus at times) to a family who is just trying to find their new normal, we decided to get out of their hair and check out Bentleyville. It was a Saturday night at around 7:30 and we did NOT take this into consideration. There were so many people, you had to shuffle along like a herd of cattle. The weather was pretty chilly, but we dressed nice and warm...however the hot chocolate was a welcome sight to the kids. Well, that and the free cookies. :)

Lift Bridge all lit up 

Family Pic Take 1...hmmmm, missing Cora's face and I look completely weird. 

 Family Pic Take 2...Cora is missing all together...but at least my mouth is closed.

Family Pic Take 3....Whew...found Cora finally...sigh....sooooo blurry. 

Family Pic Take 4...Lost the dog-gone kid again. And Hattie is a blur.

There were about 5 more, but I'll spare you the torture.

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