Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I'm so not good at getting craft stuff out for the kids. Although they always have such a great time, I always end up with such a giant mess to clean up afterward. Does this make me a bad mom? Hence my love/hate relationship with the craft cabinet.

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided I needed to put the hate aside and embrace the love.

So...out came the craftiness in me. Oh...don't get too excited. Remember I am a type-A I'm not about to get all artsy and crazy (which would equate to giant and messy in my book). I got out the tissue paper and glue sticks. I know...I'm wild, aren't I?!?

The kids decorated tissue hearts and we hung them up for all to enjoy.

And then...

...then I got out the baking ingredients. What's Valentine's Day without some heart shaped cookies?

I made sugar cooking dough and the kids got to roll it out and use their cookie cutters. Whew...I forgot what a long process it can be to flour, roll, cut shape, peel said shape off of countertop because not enough flour was used, try to repair said shape because at this point it has taken on another form, transfer to pan, and bake. (I'm fairly sure had I remembered how annoying cut-out cookies can be, I would have shelved this whole plan.)

And wait for it....wait for it....

We even frosted the buggers!

And in the spirit of all things sugary...Jason and I took the kids to Hans Bakery for breakfast. The place was packed, the lines were long. The signs of a good bakery, am I right? They each had a blast picking out their own donut and I had a blast watching them and reflecting on how blessed my life is.

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