Monday, February 23, 2015

Project: Finish Basement

We have embarked on a very long journey: A journey that involves permits with the city, lots of plaster and sheetrock, multitudes of visits to Menards, and many, many, many man-hours.

After 5.5 years of living in this house, we are finishing our basement. When we moved in, the basement was only roughed in...and now it is getting a breath of air breathed into it.

Since Mom and Dad are hear right now, not only do we need the space...but my Dad has proven to be an excellent helper in the building/finishing process. Okay...I can not tell a lie...he's invaluable. Him and Jason are making an excellent team.

Here are pictures from the first phase of the build-out. Walls were put up and insulation was put in. The sheetrockers (yes, we hired that out) had spent the first day putting sheetrock on the ceilings. I was amazed at what a difference that made, not only in sound levels, but also in appearance.

This is the wall that will separate the bedroom/school room from the family room.

This is from the other direction showing where the corner fireplace will go as well as the under-the-stairs play area for the kids which has now been named "the hobbit hole". 

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