Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

As many of you know, my parents are living with us right now. Their house sold on January 16, 2015 and they are staying with us until they find their new house. It may be existing, it may be one they will build, still waiting for the final answer on that one. They are leaning towards building which means in all likelihood, they will be here for awhile. Now I understand that there are some out there that would go crazy living with their parents, but not me. I'm having the time of my life. :)


Jason and I have booked a vacation to Florida. We leave in 26 days...well, I mean...um...well ...who's really counting anyways? Ok, so yes I will admit it, I have an app for my vacation countdown. We are going to Orlando for a long weekend and are going without the kids. I can hardly believe it as I type it. Jason and I haven't been on a vacation just the two of us for 8 years...and that was for a 4 day trip to Boston to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Wow...back then it was just Ben and Ella. How our family has grown. I'll admit that I'm a bit torn. Super excited to get to spend some time with just Jason, but I know that I will miss the kids a ton. But what will I like most of all? The warm weather. And palm trees.


Rosie, our doggie, hates the crate. She turns into a freakish mess when we need to leave somewhere and she has to go into it. We always reward her with doggie treats for going into it and praise her when we get home for doing a good job. But nothing changes her opinion of the thing. She shakes something terrible...Ella has coined it "vibrating" because she shakes so bad. Which of course makes all of us feel terribly guilty and cruel. So today, we decided to let her try just hanging around the house while we were gone. We weren't too sure what kind of shape our house would be when we came home, but much to our surprise she didn't chew a thing, scratch any woodwork, pee on any carpet, or generally tear our house apart. Thank goodness...cause I can't handle those pathetic puppy-dog eyes she gives me when I put my shoes on.


I'm trying contacts out this week. Well, to be fair, I also tried some out last week. Multi-focal lenses...can't say I'm a fan. Everything was blurry and I would have to take the things out just to see something. I scraped those and am now trying monovision. One contact corrects the farsighted and one contact corrects the nearsighted. Now just to get my brain to figure out when it needs to use which eye. I'm so hoping that this works, because I am not ready for bifocal glasses. I just can not bring myself to wear those things.

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