Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Just a few conversations that have taken place in our home this past week. I love writing these down, because when I go back and re-read a few months down the road, they always crack me up.

So come along and have a laugh...
Lily thought I was being too pokey and slow at lunch time, she spoke up and said "Mom, if you don't hurry up and eat your food, it's gonna get hot!" Guess I have some more work to do with hot and cold and their differences.
My temperature is all over the map these days with being pregnant. I had a blanket wrapped around me while I was doing a few things in the kitchen. Ella came up, and being the snuggle-bug that she is, asked if she could snuggle inside the blanket with me. She was in heaven...snuggling is on her list of the top 5 things she loves to do. Once she had her fill, she looked at me and this conversation took place:
Ella: "My cheeks hurt."
Me: "Why??"
Ella: "From smiling so much."
Me: "Because you really liked all that snuggling?"
Ella: "Yeah."

Lily asked me the other day when the cat was going to turn into a little kitty. Hmmmmmm.
I was upstairs folding clothes (yes, I do fold clothes...for those of you who know me, you know how much I dislike, don't care for, loathe this chore) and I overheard Ben and Lily talking.
Lily: "Ben, I'm sooo mad at you right now!!
Ben: "For what?!?" (insert very confused tone)
Lily: "Cause I told you to get off the stairs and you didn't listen to me...that's why I'm sooooo mad right now!!"
As I was typing this post up, Lily came down the stairs and told me that Ella was calling her "bad". I asked her if she was behaving which she matter-of-factly answered "yes". I guess that pretty much explains it.
While at Aunt Jackie's wedding, Ben asked my Mom what the large tub of water was for. She explained to him that it was for when people get baptized. Ben exclaimed "Oh, bathtime..." as if it all made perfect sense now.
And something that I could never capture in the written word...
As I came down the stairs yesterday, Cora was sitting there singing Jesus Loves Me and Jingle Bells in her beautiful two-year old voice. It just doesn't get any more precious than that. Those are moments I wish I could bottle up and keep forever.

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