Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Ramblings

My parents were here for the weekend, and as always, funny things are bound to come out of my childrens' mouths. This trip was no exception.

Papa asked Lily if she liked cars. Her response: "No, I'm too young."

Ella: "I'm not a noodletarian, I'm a vegetarian." This girl could live off of veggies.

I bought a bag of lettuce at the grocery store. Ella spotted it and begged for a big leaf of romaine. Jason washed it and handed it to her saying "here's your lettuce." Ella replied "It's not's a leaf of yumminess!"

Grandma had made her rounds, saying goodbye to all her grandbabies. As is tradition in our family, goodbyes take forever. So as she was rounding again, getting in some extra hugs and kisses, she came upon Lily. Grandma said "Goodbye, Lily, I love you!" Lily replied back "I already sayed it. Don't ask me again" and then flashed her smile and twinkled her eyes.

Upon composing this post, I asked Ben (since I hadn't written anything down) if there was something funny he said that I had laughed about. He replied "I don't know...I'm just not funny."

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