Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Ramblings

We have been making great strides this week with Cora. The way it sent my heart soaring when she snuggled with me this week is indescribable. I think my heart grew 10 times it's normal size.

Never forget or under-estimate, regardless of how old you are, how your mother's support can pull you through just about anything. I guess I'll always need my mama.

Just when you think you are oh-so-sneaky and have gotten away with shoving a giant piece of cake in your mouth unnoticed...your 2 year old will come out of nowhere  and ask "Mama...what are you eating??"

The Cars 2 movie comes out in 2 days...just in case anyone lost count. And not that anyone in my family has been counting down for the past 30+ days.

I got my first kiss from Cora yesterday. Slobbery and sloppy...but so precious.

I love it when Lily says "Me go, Mama? Me go himmin' hessons?"
(Translation: swimming lessons)

Ella informed me that she no longer likes noodles and she only wants to eat vegetables and fruits. I didn't realize that 6 year olds had such strong opinions...and where did she get such a love for veggies from?!?

Happiness is when your husband comes home 2 days early from a work trip...just in time for
Father's Day. 

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