Friday, March 18, 2011


Ask my mom and she will tell you that I have called her about a thousand times over the past few days.

Why? Nerves, my friends. Nerves.

Good ones...anxious, excited ones. Butterflies. Pit in my stomach.


After checking my adoption forums about 20 times an hour each day and watching for other fellow SWS families, I am getting the feeling that our travel call is not too far away. How far away? Well, isn't that just the golden question? I have no crystal ball and I can only go off of what I am hearing others are experiencing...and then throw in the uncertainty of Ol' Uncle Sam...and it's the makings of a complete guess. BUT, I am gonna place my bet that we will travel sometime in April to get Cora.

April? Wowza...I have a lot to do. I have bags to pack, clothes to wash and put away in Cora's dresser, shopping for all the people in Korea who have been a major part of our adoptions, babyproof my house, dig out baby toys from storage (which coincidently happens to be the gabage bags...that were ready to go out as donations since I *wasn't* going to need them anymore), figure out and plan my itinerary while in country, make and order picture books to put in birthparent files, write and get translated letters to go along with said pictures, and learn as much korean as I can (tall order).

Did I mention that I'm supposed to be doing all of this in between taking care of the three children who are currently in my house? In between homeschooling? laundry? cooking? grocery shopping? and everyday life?

Well, I've come to my senses. I've enlisted the troops. I've called in the back-ups. I've realized I'm in over my head and I'm gonna need help if I might possibly be traveling in 3+ weeks. A big giant thank-you to my family and my friends who have agreed to come aboard the Crazy Ship. I love ya all!


She's coming home y'all....soon....very soon!

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