Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Science Day with Daddy

Every Thursday is an exciting day here on Hubler Planet. It's the day that Daddy does science experiements with the kids.

This week's experiment was learning about rice, water, and sand. All about their commonalities and all about their differences.

Water. What's not to like about a bucket full of water when you are a boy? The kids learned about it's properties...hmmm, it's wet, it's clear, and it makes your hands clean and feel smooth.

Rice...not just for eating! They loved to feel the difference of textures between all three. Ella says "rice is bumpy."

Sand...Ella is filling it up to get it ready for it's turn on the scale...gotta see how much each weighs. Each was weighed in the same container and filled to the top to try to ensure accuracy.

Even Lily got in on the action! I'm thinking she likes science too...at least if it involves running your fingers through a big bucket of rice!

Taking it all in...listening intentely to Dad. He's a good teacher.

Rice's turn to hop on the scale...

Just cause science is more fun if you don't have to worry about a few little spills.

Hmmm....if you start with a wet finger, sand definitely sticks.

Rice too.

And all the findings. The kids loved it and I think Jason did just as much too.


Joren and Jill said...

Yea! I love it! Good work teachers!

Tricia said...

This is totally awesome! You guys ROCK!!