Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hearts and Lungs and Livers...Oh My!

We were invited over to our neighbor's house the other day to learn about our bodies. Melanie and I had each cut out 7 different organs for the kids to learn about and paste on their "bodies" that were traced on giant pieces of paper.

After Ella's turn to be traced...came Ben's turn...

We learned a lot about each organ, one by one...

The heart, lungs, large intestine, small intenstine, liver, and the brain.

This wasn't all sitting around and glueing though...we were up and jumping around. Gettin' the ol' heart rate up.

Jump, jump, jump...faster, faster, faster...

NOW feel that heartbeat!

We had such a fun day! The kids sat so intently and they were hanging on every word Melanie had to say. What a great project and what great information. Our bodies truly are amazing!

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