Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's a first here on Hubler Planet. It's a post about Me. Yep, Me. Not exciting...maybe even a bit boring...but I decided that it was high time I proved that I really do exist in this family.
So when I'm not knee-deep in children, you can find me out puttering in my garden. Now, this is pretty monumental. Just ask my mother. I'm pretty sure that every time she sees me in my garden, her master gardener heart skips a beat.

When I was younger I vowed (and I mean vowed) that I would never, never, ever set foot in a garden. Why? Because I loathe getting dirt under my fingernails.

But who knew that I have a bit of a green thumb? Not quite like my mom...but at least a fraction of her talent goes a long way!

The only bigger fan of our garden than Ella. I'm pretty sure she considers vegetables a dessert.

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