Friday, July 23, 2010

Camp Out

The kids collect paperclips. I know...crazy thing to collect...unless you know what they can get you in the end.

For good behavior, the kids earn paperclips and when they have saved up 20 of them, they get to choose a special activity to do with either mom or dad.

Ben and Ella both saved enough to earn an adventure with Dad...and what better adventure than a camp-out on the porch?!?

Jason got out the tent and the kids jumped on helped put up the tent. Even Lily got in on the action.

Cause what's better in summer than mosquito-free tenting?

Blankets, pillows, and pretty much everything else sleeping bags were hauled downstairs.

All the comforts of comfy sleeping.

Did I mention the sun comes up on this side of the house? does. Bright. And. Early.

The night was complete with books, flashlights, and shadow animals against the house.

And lots of giggling and squealing. Lots.

Because your very own adventure with your Dad? is a lot of fun.

And makes for some wonderful memories.

And by morning, bright and early, everyone was asking to do it again...that night.

Well...everyone under 4 feet tall.

Did I mention that I slept in my bed all night all by myself? Turns out an adventure with Dad can be a great night of sleep for Mom.

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