Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Grandma

We invited my Grandma to come down and stay with us this week. We had such a fantastic time!! The kids enjoyed spending time with her. She was so good with them....reading books, coloring, and playing with them. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Grandma could recite a few of the books by heart now as Ben asked for the same ones to be read over and over and over again. Never once did I hear her refuse...but instead would snuggle up to him and start reading.

Grandma was such a huge help to me, keeping the kids busy all day long. There was even one point that she came into the kitchen with Ella close on her heals, Lily following behind her, and Ben bringing up the tail. It was like a mama duck and all her babies trailing behind.

We also enjoyed lots of laughs...mostly from Grandma...while watching Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke movies. Heehee. It could be the worst and most boring movie ever, but her laughter is often quite contagious and we would all end up laughing hysterically. (Most of the time I wasn't even sure what I was laughing at...maybe just the fact that she was enjoying herself so much).
We all had a hard time seeing her leave and having to say good-bye. Hugs were given and tears were shed. We can't wait to have her back down again in January!! Ella specifically asked Grandma "Next time...will you stay a whole week please!!?!"
Thanks, Grams, for such a wonderful week. We absolutely enjoyed every minute and feel truly blessed to have you in our lives and in our home. It was a treasured time full of lots of memories made with you. What a gift not only for me, but for my spend so much time with their Great Grandma. You are so dearly loved and we miss you already!!

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