Monday, April 23, 2007

Bathroom Redo

The start of the demolition

No more going potty upstairs for Ella

The laying of the new tile...I never thought I'd have tile.

Granite sink and the new faucet that I found on clearance from $146 to $27...yipee!

Proud Hubby enjoying the payoff of his hard work.

Well, it's done! I think we may just have a record. We started this very large project on Apr 13...and we are already finished! 10 days from start to finish. Jason put the last of the door frame up yesterday around 5pm. All of the stuff is back on the shelves and the drawers are filled once again. When we first bought this house, the bathroom was ugly. We pulled out the glass shower doors (gold ones, mind you) and painted the icky vanity to get us by until we had the time, energy, and the money to overhaul it. We weren't even planning on starting this project until next year, but when Jason gets a bug to remodel...I'm all over it.
My Dad came down last weekend and helped rip out the old floor and lay the new tiles. That was a huge help! Thanks, Dad. Then throughout the week we painted, grouted, put in the new toilet, vanity, and sink. Well, when I say "we", I mostly mean "Jason". He did so much of the work while I supervised and told him how great it was looking. My husband is turning into a real "Mr. Fix-It" when he puts his mind to it. The finished product looks great and the pics don't do it justice.

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Jeremie, Renee and Brenna said...

Nice work Jason! The bathroom looks great and done in record time with all that you guys have had going on lately. Hope all is going well!