Monday, October 5, 2015

Sweet Memories

I have such a pathetic memory, so this blog is sort of my gateway to the past...and so I write.


Hattie and I were snuggling at bedtime last night, like we always do. This girl is 2 1/2 years old and I still lay with her while she falls asleep each night. I know, I know...she's old enough to fall asleep on her own. And there are days that I really feel like that. Then there are those nights where we snuggle. She nuzzles her neck into mine and curls her legs up in a ball burrowing herself into me as close as she can get. She loves close contact and somehow, when she's that close to her mama, all is right in her little world. It's a quite the feeling to know you hold so much for one little person. That your simple presence holds so much.

Some nights we lay and talk. She tells stories from her day and I quietly listen. I breathe in the sweet smell of her hair. I stroke her face gently. Knowing that all too soon she won't need me in this same way. That all too soon I will hear the words "I can do it by myself, mom." And I will no longer be needed in that capacity for her. I sigh and try to take her in, I try to cement the memories so they won't be forgotten.

Last night was one of those nights. One of those "I don't ever want to forget this night" kind of night.

As we were snuggling and talking about our day, Hattie turned her face towards mine. I could feel her little breath on my cheek as she spoke.

"Mama, I like you..."

"I like you too, Hattie."

"I like your voice"

"I like your voice too, honey"

She then gave me one of her sweet little butterfly kisses on my cheek and hugged me tight.

And that, folks, is when you know you are truly loved by such a little creature.

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