Friday, October 2, 2015

Kid Funnies

There is never a shortage of funny quotes from the peanut gallery around here....

Hattie: Does Lily only get medicine?
Mom: Yes, Lily is the only one sick, so she's the only one who gets medicine. She has an infection.
Hattie: I want a inflection! (infection)
Dad: What time was mom born? (meaning what time of day)
Lily: A LONG time ago! That's true, right?!?
I was quizzing Cora on her Spanish colors and she answered so many of them correct.
Mom: How do you say blue in Spanish?
Cora: Azul
Mom: How do you say red in Spanish?
Cora: rojo
Mom: How do you say yellow in Spanish?
Cora sat there deep in thought, trying to remember, she spoke up finally and said: awkward?
(it's amarillo, but close honey)
Lily: (pointed to her foot and asked): Are these knuckle buns?
Mom: No, they are your ankle bones. :)

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