Thursday, March 12, 2015

Project: Finish Basement

The doors arrived and have been installed.

We were coming down to the wire for when the carpet was going to be installed, but we had come across a snag. The doors I really wanted were going to be a special order which meant a 4 week lead time. Sigh. In order to get the doors I had dreamed of, I would need to push out the carpet installation by a month. OR I could select a different (all-be-it plain) door that Lowe's had in stock.

Jason and I went to Lowe's and the sales clerk was so helpful. She could tell I was going to settle on practicality instead of getting the ones I really wanted so she threw me a curve ball. She told me that in her opinion, since I would be having these doors for a long time, I should go with my heart. And to prove she really meant it, she threw in a 10% discount for the inconvenience of having to wait.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided she was right.

But after only 10 days the doors arrived!!!

They have been installed and are looking beautiful. They make my heart sing.

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