Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Funnies...

I usually try and keep a list of all the funny little things the kids say. Then I type them up here and get a giggle when I go back to re-read old posts.

I happened across a list of them that I had lost. Some are from awhile ago, while I was pregnant, some are newer...and yet, they all crack me up.

Sit back and enjoy the ride...

(While pregnant)...

Lily (with eyes wide open in amazement): Mama, your tummy
is soooooo big and huge!
Me: (with forced smile on my face): Thank you, honey.
Lily: Mama, when you go to the hospital,
are you gonna be brave or cry?
Me: Both, Sweetheart...both.
(After baby)...
Lily: I just can't stop giggling for nothing!!!
Ella: Lily + pizza = a full girl!
Lily: I don't want to be a regular girl, I want to be
a princess....And have a big wand.
Jason and Lily were playing a game one evening. Jason would think of an animal and start giving clues and Lily would have to guess which animal he was thinking of. Lily decided that she wanted a turn and started giving clues about her animal.
Lily (her first clue): it's something small that lives in the grass.
Jason: A gopher?
Lily (with a "are you kidding me?!?" tone): No, Dad. Gophers live in GARDENS!
Just some backstory...if you know us at all, you know that gophers have all but completely eaten every. single. thing. out of my garden every year we've lived here. Apparently, Lily, thinks that a garden is a natural habitat for these annoying creatures.
Ben: Hi Hattie! Do you remember the song I sang to you yesterday?
Oh, duh...of course not...because your brain is sooooo small.
After Cora had downed a total of 6 pieces of watermelon for the day, I asked the following:
Me: Cora, is watermelon your favorite fruit??
Cora: No, cupcakes!!

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