Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rite of Passage

t's a rite of passage...

Every parent's nightmare...

It was bound to happen at some point with one of the children...


I was upstairs, in the loft, holding Hattie as she slept. Jason was downstairs in the office, working from home. And yet...

Ok, so I wasn't just holding Hattie, truth be told. I was browsing on my tablet, when my friend Tricia sent me a message. Oooh, glorious day...some adult conversation! I figured I'd only "talk" for a bit. We sent a few messages back and forth, planned out a "hang-out" session for next week, and chuckled a little bit about occupational hazzards of being a mom. Little did I know what was transpiring downstairs...

I had noticed that it had become fairly quiet, so I figured I needed to investigate. As everyone knows, quiet children are trouble. One of Murphy's wish your child would just be quiet for a few blissful moments...but if those blissful moments of quiet are when you aren't around, then trouble with a capital T is sure to follow.

I walked downstairs to find that my sweet little 2 year old yet again had found her wild streak. This girl is such a curious monkey about everything. There in front of me lay a lake of water all over the dining room floor. "Ah bummer" you say, "that stinks, but at least it's just water!" Did I mention that she had dumped an entire container of glitter in said water? Hmmm....can't just sweep the glitter up, it's all wet. Can't just mop up the water, it's full of glitter. Now it requires getting on hands and knees and a lot of papertowels. Followed by sweeping. Followed by more papertowels. Followed by more sweeping. Followed by cleaning the broom out because the wet glitter is sticking to everything.

Oh wait...there's more. God threw this in just for good measure. A little reminder that my job during the day is to watch 5 children, not chit-chat with my friends. A little something extra special just for me.

Cora...oh, sweet dear Cora.

She decided it was high time that she experiement a little. With scissors. You know where I'm going with this right?!?

Viola! A new 'do has been born. Yep, she chopped a 2 inch chunk of hair from the front of her head.  *sigh*

The mugshot...the "I'm fairly certain I did something I wasn't supposed to..." look.

Me: Cora...what did you do?

Cora: I cut my hair!

Ella: Why did you cut your hair??

Cora:  I wanted to look pretty!

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