Monday, February 4, 2013

Ultrasound #3

At 29 weeks along, I had my third ultrasound today. Nothing like being high-risk to get you a ton of these things. I guess it's the silver lining to being so aweful at being pregnant. :) They like to check on baby lots to make sure things are going well...which allows me to see her every 10 weeks or so.

Little bugger is doing great. She's right on target and the doctor's exact words today were: "I don't see anything concerning here...everything looks normal." Music to my ears.

She's 2 pounds and 11 ounces as of today. That puts her in the 41st percentile for weight. We'll see how she changes in the next 11 weeks. She is currently head-down...but since there's still room to groove, that could easily change for a few weeks yet. She's still really good at tumbling and twisting around in there.

The ultrasound techinician was having a grand time trying to secure some of the measurements today as baby was busy moving around. At one point, however, she stopped and was busy fiddling with her toes. It was so sureal to see. She had her little hand curled around her tiny toes, squeezing them. *sigh* My heart grew a size bigger when I saw that. I also got to see her practice her breathing as her abdomen rose and fell. I'm getting very excited to hold this little one and although 11 weeks isn't too long, it still seems far off to me. I'll be glad when April is here!

Another reason to love that month? Because when baby is born: the...nausea...will....END. Yes, 29 weeks and counting and I'm still sick on a daily basis. I just started my third trimester last week and so far this trimester is showing to have lots of relapse days. My mornings (gernerally) are manageable (still sick, but I can function), but by about 2:00-3:00pm it comes back strong. This means that Jason has had to step-up once again and take the lead parenting role once he gets home from work as I am usually stuck on the couch. I won't lie...this is really hard. Both mentally and physically. I had hoped that by this stage of the pregnancy, this constant nausea would be long gone. I guess I'm in it for the long haul. It will make the birth of this little girlie even sweeter.

Although it's tough...I know my God is with me. He'll continue to take care of me and be my source of strength. I'm reminded daily what a blessing health is, how it is such a gift. I'm so thankful that God has allowed me to take this journey one last time. There are so many moments to savor, to treasure, to file away in the depths of my heart. Watching her move, feeling her have the hiccups, seeing my children's expressions as they feel her kicking. Knowing that a miracle is growing inside me...a miracle that has God's fingerprints all over her...a little eternal soul entrusted to my care. The nausea is rough...but it is nothing...nothing compared to the gift of a child.

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