Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Girl After Her Mama's Heart...

Ella has just discovered the joy of knitting. A sentence that, well, makes my heart sing!

Yes, I am a knitting-nerd and I can't tell you how it makes me squeal inside to see Ella seeing the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands out of a pile of yarn.

She wanted to get her kniffty-knitter loom out for one very special reason. She was determined to make her new little baby sister a hat for in the hospital. Ella carefully selected the yarn which had to meet her requirements of soft, cozy, and yet a pretty color. It had to be perfect for the new baby.

Ella sat down on the couch with determination on her face and went to work. Everytime I turned around, she was quietly and intently working on her creation.

Me: Ella, time to eat.
Ella: Mom, just one more row, then I'll come.
Me: Ella, time to get some school done, put down your yarn.
Ella: Ah, Mom...can't this count as art class?
Me: Ella...Ellla....Elllllaaaa where are you?
Ella: Working on my knitting, Mom!

The end product turned out beautiful and the pride was evident.

And what do you suppose I saw this morning when I came downstairs?

A sleepy, blurry-eyed Ella who had just woken up. Kniffty Knitter in hand. Creating boot cuffs for herself.


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