Saturday, November 10, 2012


Just a few of the things that have been heard around this house lately:

Ella and Lily were in the mudroom, going back and forth about something and Lily was not doing what Ella wanted. This conversation followed:
Ella: "Lily, why do you have to be so disagreeable?!?"
Lily: "Oh yeah....well, you're adorable!!"
Not sure Lily understands that adorable is actually a compliment.
Ella asked me yesterday if she could make lunch...all by herself...with no help from me. Ummm...let me think about that...."Yes, please."  Hate that my girlie is growing up so fast, but one perk is me getting out of making lunch every now and then. :)
The kids were playing outside, getting grubbier by the minute. After putting all four in the big bathtub with lots of bubbles, they got out and Jason drained the tub. Lily asked me why there was so much dirt on the bottom, I explained to her that they were all filthy dirty. She just couln't believe that all that dirt could have possibly been on her.
I went shopping for a few things for the kids this past week. Got my hands on some really good deals. When Lily was presented with her clothes, she said "Oh Mama, they are just so pwetty!"
I had gotten a few matching outfits for Cora and Lily. Once Lily had picked out what she was going to wear for the day, Cora immediately picked the same thing. She smiled proudly and said "Match, Mama!!"
Lily woke me up at 4:17am this morning. She came in my room and said she was sad. I asked what was wrong. She stood there, looked around for a few minutes, and looked back at me. This was the following conversation:
Mom: Do you even remember why you are sad?
Lily: No.
Mom: Do you think since we don't even remember why we are sad that we could just go back to bed then?
Lily: Yes.
I tried a new recipe yesterday: Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were fabulous. After each of us had our allotment of three cookies each, Ben said "I could eat a mountain of these things!" I couldn't agree more son, I couldn't agree more!

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