Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ella and Lily went to stay at Grammie and Papa's house a while back. They had lots of fun being the only two grandkids there and got lots of individual attention. I love it that they can make lots of great memories with their grandparents.

One of the special things they got to do was check out where their uncle Jamie works. He is a paramedic in TRF right now and he showed them the lay of the land.

Jamie hooked Ella up to the heart machine. *Ahem* Excuse the fact that I don't really know what it's official name is. Ummm...maybe EKG machine? Yeah, let's go with that. I'm sounding smarter by the minute.

And proof that:
A) Jamie knows what he's doing.
B) Ella is alive.

Ella also learned about oxygen levels...


And even got to listen for herself.

Even Lily got in on the action and took a little look around.

I wish I could say that she is demonstrating where an oxygen mask goes...but I'm guessing she's just sniffing it. This girl has the nose of a bloodhound.

I have no words for this picture...it just makes me laugh. She looks like she is being eaten by the mask with that little itty bitty face of hers.

And the whole crew. Judging by Ella's smile...I'm guessing she had a lot of fun.

Thanks, Jamie, for taking time to teach my girls a little something. Thanks for investing in them and making them feel loved and special. You are such a great uncle. They love you so much and think you rock. Next up...Ben. He's gonna want to come take a tour when he gets his adventure time with Grammie and Papa too. :)

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