Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

The kids have been playing Veggie Tales cds a lot around here lately. I'm pretty sure that Larry the Cucumber's versions of a few fun 70's songs will forever be etched in my brain.

Another hot commodite right now is Veggie Tales: Bible Stories. Ben was at the table belting out a tune the other day...Jonah was a puppet...woohoo...yeah, he never really got it, sad but true. Jonah was a puppet...woooooohooooo. We all burst out laughing cause Jonah? He was a prophet...not a puppet. 

Before lunch, Ella announced she was done with the book she was reading just a few minutes earlier. I was dumbfounded that she had finished it so fast! I replied "You finished that chapter book about the lion? You just started it this morning!" She answered back "No, this was the one about the mummies in Egypt. I read the lion one right before that." So to my surprise, she had started and finished not one, but two chapter books before lunch.

As Lily was sitting next to me at the table, she leaned over and in the sweetest voice said "Mom....you're tute." There's nothing sweeter than hearing a little person tell you they think you are cute. :)

Ben asked me the other day "What if it rained lollipops?" Oh to be little and have such an imagination. I'm afraid that if it rained lollipops, I would be 10 pounds heavier.

Ben was talking about his birthmother in Korea and how little he must have been to fit in her tummy. Here's the conversation that transpired:
Lily: I wanna be in Daddy's tummy.
Ella: How will you get in Daddy's tummy?
Lily: Use tools.
Milk just about came out my nose.

Ella was learning the Pledge of Allegiance. I was busy working on it with her and we were just nailing down the ending.

...with liberty and justice for all.

She stopped, cocked her head, and in an inquistive voice asked me "Who is Liberty and Justice anyway?" We promptly went to the computer and learned the definitions of two new words to add to her vocabulary. She giggled at herself when she realized they weren't names of people.

We returned our library books today. With Ben reading books on his own and Ella mastering chapter books, we go through a lot of books these days. Would you believe I had 59 books to return?!? That amounted to three shopping bags full.

We were excited to put our outside christmas lights up this weekend. Out of 14 strings of lights, only 1 worked. How does that happen?!?

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