Thursday, July 9, 2009

New, new house not every probably knows the whole I thought it was high time that I update. If you have kept up with the blog I so desperately don't keep up with, then you would have seen pics of our "new house". Trouble is, we didn't actually buy that one. Jason and I felt so confident we were going to get that one...but as it turned out, God had a better house in mind for us. The house in Elk River fell through. To make a very long, boring story short, the selling agent just never got back to us with any information. I started losing my marbles as time was approaching quickly for us to be out of our old Maple Grove house. With just 7 days before closing, I packed up the kids and went house hunting one last time. I didn't feel too confident, but felt like I needed to try and find something. I wasn't too keen on the "homeless" tag that was soon going to be the reality of my life. Well, as God would have it, we came upon a beautiful house in a wonderful location with a price tag we liked. It's in a cul-de-sac, out in the boonies, and has lots of stay at home moms with small children. It's absolutely perfect for us. We put the offer in on a Saturday morning and closed on it the following Thurday. They pushed things through so fast so we were able to move from one house right into the next. No sleeping on sidewalks or in dimly lit alleys for us. I was overjoyed to say the least.

We have now gotten mostly unpacked and are settling back into routine. We enjoy counting turtles sunning themselves along the side of the pond, watching the baby ducks take swimming lessons from their momma, listening to the frogs singing at the top of their lungs at night, and staring in amazement as deer walk 30 feet from the back of the house. I truly couldn't have found a more wonderful place to live. I feel very blessed. God has been so good to us, provided for us in numerous ways, and I give Him all the glory.

Enjoy some of the pics. They were taken when we did our final walk-through...we have since put our own furniture in and made it our own.

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