Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Well, the season is here and the cookie baking has begun. Ella has been having so much fun. What's better than mommy asking "want to bake cookies again, Ella?"

Of course she enjoys the measuring, scooping, and cookie cutters...but the tasting, now that's where it's all at. And since I would rather eat the dough than the actual cookie, there's no one telling her that you have to wait until the cookies are baked in order to eat them. We each get a spoon and start scooping...into our own mouths. Yummy!

This was our first batch, and since then we have done oodles and oodles more. We have a good 15 dozen cookies in the deep freeze. I'll post pics of our first annual "Cookie Bowl with Nana" soon. We had so much fun and of course left with even more cookies.

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