Thursday, August 16, 2007

The "Professional" Haircut

Mom said that it was high time I had a "real" know, one of those where you go to an actual barber and pay way too much money for something you could have done at home. Well, like I said, Mommy insisted that my hair was too long. I would like to know by who's standards?!? I thought it looked great. What's not to like about a mohawk? What's not to love about hair hanging over your ears? In my opinion, little babies are wearing their hair way too short for my liking. I want to be like my uncle Jamie and uncle Joren...they have long, shaggy hair, why can't I?
So we went to "Kid's Hair"...Mommy thought this was going to be so much fun, at least that's what she kept telling me on the ride over there. Once we arrived, I got shuffled into a mini barber chair just my size. The lady (whom I'm still not so sure of) flung this red plastic sheet over me and snapped it around my neck. I'll tell you something, this was already a little more than I had bagained for. I'll admit that I was a little curious about those shiny scissors she had...I'm betting that I could do a lot of damage with those at home if I could get my hands on a pair of those babies. I was doing fairly well...Mom kept telling me how brave I was being and what a big boy I had grown to be. It was all fine and dandy until that crazy lady brought out this buzzing clipper! I wasn't sure if she even knew how to operate those things! That did it, I had had enough, I wanted down and I wanted out of that place NOW! I lost my marbles, I screamed and cried until they released me. It was horrible, it was yucky, and now I only have a short haircut to show for it. The only good part is that I overheard Mommy say that she would never pay for a haircut for me again. I guess that puts me off the hook for ever having to go back! Guess Mommy's haircuts aren't so bad afterall. Hmmm, note to self...I may have to see what else screaming and crying can get me out of. This could be useful information.

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