Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Year Ago...

...we were on the other side of the world

...we were getting to meet our son for the second time eyes were filled with tears and my heart with pride upon holding Ben again
I remember this trip and each day of it so vividly. What an amazing journey God took us on and for that matter are still traveling. Let me take you back to one year ago today...
...we awoke early that morning...afterall, we were still on USA time and sleeping wasn't going so well. Ella and I had been up around 3am that morning cooking some eggs for "supper" in the kitchen located on our floor. Trying to adjust our bodies to the new time zone was proving to be challenging. We had just met our son for the first time the day before and what a rush that was. Although it was such a wonderful feeling meeting him and holding him, it was hard to leave him to let him go home with his fostermother. The only thing that really made it easier was knowing that I was going to be able to see him again in less than 24 hours. My nerves were raw with excitement and anticipation and the clock just didn't seem to move at the speed I would have liked.
We all got ready...Ella, Jason, and I. We anxiously made our way down to the second floor to the social worker's offices. Inside was our social worker, a wonderfully sweet woman. She brought us into the room where we would be meeting our sweet Ben. I remember wanting to just hold him...just hold him...just hold him. They came in and put him in my arms. Both Jason and I were so thrilled and Ella was starting to take to her new brother already. I had brought my podaegi with so they could show me how to properly put Ben in and wear him around. Once in, he immediately fell asleep on my back. What a comfortable feeling it was, having my baby boy that close to me, and feeling that safe and secure with me.
Oh what a day...what a morning...what a trip...what a treaure...and oh...what a son!



What special memories! I have goose bumps thinking it was already a year ago that you went to get Ben and bring him home. Although you forgot something at the end. What a special family and what lucky kids to have two great parents like you and Jason.

Congrats on the anniversary!

Grammie said...

Dear God,

Thank you so much for our little Benjamin Bunny. Thank you for how you have kept your hand of love and protection over him and brought him into such a wonderful family---one where he will learn of your love and mercy. May he grow to know and serve you all the days of his life. May you give wisdom and strength to Jason and Dani as they strive to raise him "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord". Might he become the frangrance of Christ to the lost and a beacon of light to those in darkness. May he be a blessing and a joy to all who cross his path and may he live a life worthy of your calling. Amen