Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm completely missing being on vacation. It's back to the grindstone...back to normal life. We returned from vacation on Saturday and I was awoken at 3:45am Sunday morning by a feverish baby. We have spent the past 48 hours with a very owly Hattie. After two nights of incredibly restless sleep, I'm happy to report the fever seems to have broken.
If this blog post seems a bit "off"...chalk it up to sleep deprivation. This mama is tired.
I'm still working my way through vacation laundry. It's amazing how much needs to be washed when it's been accumulating for a week. I've only got 2 loads left to wash...but..*ahem*...about 5 to fold. Laundry has got to be my least favorite household chore.
Today's high is 67 degrees for July 1st. I am loving it! It has been hot and humid and this cooler weather is a wonderful break. Did I mention it's also supposed to be cloudy all day? My favorite weather is overcast and breezy. I don't worry about the kids (or me) getting sunburned, I don't get a headache from the sunshine, and the breeze feels like silk on your face. I may just spend most of my day outdoors. :)
We missed doggie obedience class last night because Jason missed the train. I'm feeling quite certain we are not going to graduate next week. Have I mentioned that dogs are a lot of work? Wish my parents would have told me that before I went out and got one of my own! Oh, wait...what's that you say? They did tell me? Over and over? What! Was I listening?!?
I made eggbake yesterday and saved half for today's breakfast and I made double lasagna casserole last night for supper...which means I don't have to cook a meal until supper tonight. Yipee! I love it when good plan comes together like that!
And the most noteworthy tidbit. And I'm gonna say this quiet so as not to jinx myself. I think the fleas are gone. We haven't had a bite in 2 weeks now. Keeping my fingers crossed those critters are gone.

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