Friday, February 28, 2014

Snapshot #1


Outside my window: Cloudy, dreary and cold! Did I mention cold? Cause it is. This morning it was a balmy -11, with an air feel of -21. I guess I should be glad it's now 4 above and only feels like -12 out there.

I am thinking: that it's Friday which means it's chore day and my house will finally get some much neeed attention.

I am thankful for: the fact that this week is coming to a close. It has been so incredibly hard having to say good-bye to Doodle. When you have a pet for so many years, it's touch to wake up to them not being here. I truly lost a dear friend this week and I really miss him. 

Last 3 purchases: chocolate raspberry truffle k-cups, ingredients for some hearty homemade soup, and a fireplace permit. Did I mention it's cold outside?

Dinner plans: Italian sausage with peppers, onions, and mushrooms over some gluten free pasta. It's Ben's specialty and he's in charge of making supper tonight. :)
Future plans I'm looking forward to: My lovely cousin and her family coming next weekend. I so enjoy her company. Her kids are so loveable and her dear husband is going to help work on our basement. Bless that dear man's heart.

Kid Funny: At bedtime last night, Ella asked Jason when we could get another pet. (I think she, too, feels the loss and the lonely feeling that the house now has.) She said that she would like 3 pets. Ella then asked Jason what animal he would like. He answered "a shrimp!" Then Lily chimed in "Then we can eat it!" Followed by "FOR BREAKFAST!!" in an even louder voice. Ella didn't think this idea was so funny.

I am reading:  This question made me laugh at time to read an adult book for myself?!? But I did just go to the library on Wednesday and I picked up some books Ella had on hold. One of them looks pretty good so we are going to start reading it together at bedtime. It's a recommendation from Auntie Jill called Gone Away Lake. Any excuse to snuggle in with Ella is welcomed. Soon she'll be too old for little-kid things like that. Savoring these moments while I still have them!

In the kitchen: Homemade split pea and ham soup ready for lunch. All my kids devour this soup. And it's so much tastier than the silly Campbell's version in a can. It's from The Barefoot Contessa.

Watching: Duck Dynasty...I love this show.

Snacking on: does coffee count as a snack?

Rest-of-the-day-plans: vacuuming, mopping the floor, dusting, laundry, and cleaning some bathrooms. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Oh...and that's in between taking care of 5 children. :)

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