Wednesday, January 16, 2013

20 weeks

I don't post too often about myself...especially pictures. However...

I am going to make an exception this year. 

The reason for this blog is to capture the growing up years of my kids...a way to preserve things.

And...well...with new little one on the way...I guess her story has already started. 

I remember I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was pregnant with Ella, due to the fact that I was so severely sick. In fact, I think there are maybe....maybe...a whole 4-5 pictures from the entire pregnancy. At the time, I didn't want to smile for anything, capture the moment, etc. Now, looking back I wish I would have just done it, no matter how much like death I resembled. So this time around, I decided that no matter what the day held, I would try to make an effort of getting more pics. Can you tell this is a forced smile? I can. Wasn't feeling all that well the day of this picture. 

But with trying to keep in the spirit of things and not disect this entire I am at 20 weeks.

(PS...I am actually 26 right now...but need to do a little catch-up...bear with me.)

(PSS....and sorry about the yellowishness in the pic, it is driving me was in the evening when I finally got out of my jammies for the day and was up for doing this...hmmm...maybe I'll chalk my "sick" look up to the lack of natural that's an idea!)

Love how my tank top doesn't even cover my tummy all the way. ;) Oh, the start of getting bigger....

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Anonymous said...

Love the headband :)... I think you look great!!