Sunday, November 21, 2010

And The Catch-Up Starts

Okay, Folks. I am up and running. Yeah! My laptop isn't out of the hospital yet, but I have another computer to use in the mean-time. It's good to be back in the technoligical world!

A word of warning: I told you I had a lot of pics for y'all. There will be some from way back when and then some from the present all mixed about and scattered around. and stories are coming. Woot! Woot!

Here is the first of all the way back to October sometime...back when the weather was...oh, I don't know...nice. Yes, I even consider "rain" to be snow in my book any day.

And my kids? Well, I think they were pretty happy-snappy to have their raingear on too.

No complaining from any of them.

There's nothing like a raincoat with rainboots to brings some smiles out on their faces.

Nothing. Well...maybe an umbrella too.

Especially when you have been stuck inside all day long.

Any idea how long it took me to get them to line up and look at the camera?

(I didn't even bother with asking them to try and smile all at the same time.)

I won't tell you, it may make you shudder.

"Mom...can we jump in the puddles? Mom, can we, can we??"

"One more pic, son. If you smile, this will go a lot faster."

"Now can we??"

Hmmmm...bribery seemed to have worked well for me! Ella smiled right away.

"You said we could, really did."

Puddles. Jumping. Splashing.

I'm a good mom...I can roll with the punches...sure you can jump in the puddles!

...Or try to climb a wet pole. Keep trying,'re doing great. Heehee

Hmmm...all this puddle jumping is getting them...well...wet.

Maybe this wasn't a well thought-out plan. Roll with the punches? Me? Yeah, right.

Now I just made more work for myself...gotta find dry clothes for everyone.

But....they are having so much fun.

"Maybe just stomp a little...but not jump up and down as hard as you can over and over again" I holllered.


"Oh, just kidding, sweatheart. I was only joking. What fun would that be to try and stay dry?!? And goodness, Mommy loves to change everyone's clothes twice in one day!"

Ah...whew...close call. Crisis diverted.

Back to the water, my little puddlejumper.

I guess in the's better to have dripping-wet, happy kiddos then unhappy ones.

Life's really about jumping in the puddles anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Later Ella will be wearing only one of her rain boots. On her other foot she will be wearing a flip flop.