Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Wheelin' Fun

It's been a busy weekend here on Hubler Planet. The weather was gorgeous so Jason and I decided we would spend the weekend teaching the kids how to ride bikes without training wheels. Ben was super excited to try, so his were the first off. I toodled around the cul-de-sac with him for a few spins and then Jason came to take his turn. Another couple of rounds and Ben was on his way to being a big two wheelin' boy! I could not believe how fast he caught on...I guess he was more than ready to get rid of his training wheels.

I asked Ella if she wanted to learn too. Her response: "No, I don't like riding bike. I like walking." "Hmmmmm....ok...are you sure?" She had about zero interest in taking on the challenge. However, after her little brother starting logging some mileage on his bike and was enjoying his new-found freedom, she changed her tune. I left all the instructing up to Daddy and he took her round and round the cul-de-sac. She still needs a little practice, but she's getting it. Hopefully it won't be long until she gets bit by the biking bug too.

Today we went for our usual 2 mile stroller ride. I push Lily in her stroller, Ella walks beside me, and Ben rides his bike. I am proud to say that Ben made it all the way without those training wheels and even navigated the sidewalks and leaf trail. His confidence it growing more and more...I could tell he was pretty proud of himself by the end. He knew his mama was pretty impressed too!

Enjoy a few clips...

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