Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pond Hockey

Ella in her hockey gear....

The whole nine yards...well, except the skates

Daddy and Ella

Daddy showing off his skills

More shoveling...less talking please.

Atta' Boy!

For those of you who know Jason, this comes as old news...but Jason is a big hockey fan. He loves being on the ice, watching it on tv, or sitting in the living room dreaming of how he could transform the 4-wheeler into a zamboni.
When we sold our old house, I had to watch him say good-bye to his beloved pool. No more jumping off the diving board, no more water slide, and no more floating around for hours enjoying the lazy summer days. But little did I know that the sparkle would soon return to his eyes. As soon as the pond froze over, Jason was out on it with shovel in hand breathing the cool, crisp air. He talks about it..he dreams about it...he simply loves his new pond.
After a good snowfall, I'll send Jason outside to clear the driveway. Within record time, it is done and I will see headlights out on the pond. Peering out of Ella's window, I see my husband, going round and round...clearing the snow and cleaning off his very own rink. (If only I could get him to clean the house the way he cleans that rink!) I'm sure the neighbors wonder who is out there at 9pm and what the ruckus is all about. I guess they will learn in time...
One day Jason came home and said he had found some skates for the kids on Craig's List. When I heard the price, I about fell over. I told him he was going to have to find another option because $30 for used skates seemed too expensive to me. He did some checking and found that a good friend of his was wanting to get rid of the hockey equipment he had purchased for his boys. He had wanted them to play hockey, but to his disappointment, neither son was interested. I gave Jason specific instructions and they went something like this:
Me: Don't go buying all the equipment, Ella and Ben can't even skate yet and they don't need all of that stuff! Just the skates...only the skates...nothing but the skates. Simply purchase skates and that's it!
Jason: But....
Me: NO.
Jason: Okay, fine, just the skates.
He returned home a short time later and tiptoed into the mudroom.
Me: Did you only buy the skates like we talked about??
Jason: Sheepish look
Me: Hmmmm, well that can't be good...What All Did You Buy?
Jason: Well....
Me: *Sigh* Show me your spoils.
Jason bought skates all right...along with breezers, shoulder pads, elbow pads, neck guard, and helmits. What's a wife to do??? All suggestions welcome.
So if any of you are ever in the neighborhood on a cold, winter day and want to play a game of hockey, look out on the pond and I'm sure you'll see Jason skating around, stick in hand, waiting to take you on.

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