Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lily!

One happy Birthday Girl...

Don't you wish you could enjoy your cupcake like this?

Lily loves her mouthful of sugar

Cupcake is all gone...

Cupcakes with chocolate ganache...
I know, what 1 year old needs ganache, right?!?

It was a chilly morning so...Lily in her sock monkey pants I knit long ago...
they fit just perfect!

Good view of the monkey face...

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Lily!!

I can't believe you are already a year, how the time flies! I am so incredibly grateful that we are together for your bithday. There was a time where I didn't think I would be celebrating it with you because I didn't think you would be home with us in time. I realize that we only met 6 weeks ago, but that time has gone by so quickly. I can't believe how far you have come in such a short amount of time. I know that this has been an unbelievably hard transition for you and the amount of adjustment has been enormous. In just 6 short weeks, we have bonded so much. I can't tell you how it warms my heart each time you put your arms out to me to be picked up, how you come to me for comfort, or how you give me one of your sweet, yet drooly kisses. I loved you long before I ever came to Korea to pick you up...and within these 6 short weeks, I have grown to love you even more. It's a love that has taken root deep within my soul, a fierce and protective love. I look at you and I can't imagine my life without you. You were the missing piece my heart was longing for, you fit just perfectly. God knew that I needed you. I am so blessed to be your mother. I am over the moon to know that I get the privedge of spending all my days with you.

I love you darling Lily...Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

1 Year Milestones:
*You can walk all by herself and does so most of the day
*Both of your 1-year molars are now visible...they have been a bit painful to cut
*You can say mama and dada...although I don't think you know what they mean yet
*You can sign milk when prompted
*You hate being cleaned up after eating
*You love, love, love the water
*You can wave bye-bye or hi
*You squeal and kick with excitement when you see Ben and Ella
*Your favorite food is bananas. You also eat sweet potato, applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, spaghetti, zuchinni with cheese on, cheerios, pears, peaches, chicken, colby cheese, and bread. You cry when I try to give you broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, or anything else that remotely resembles a vegetable.


Geri said...

Happy Chut-tol Lily!

Mrs. Nam said...

Oh... beautiful♥
Did you check my e-mail?
Ah! You may be busy nowadays.
We miss Jeeah a lot.
Every day we thanks for you.