Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick Again

Well Folks...It's amazing that one family can catch so many bugs in one season. Unfortunately we have managed to catch and keep for awhile another nasty cold virus. Ella had it first, then shared it with her brother...but before she passed it to me, she got a double ear infection out of the deal as well. Once I got it, it made it's home in my throat as it was scratch as all get out for a while and then turned into a real nasty cough complete with a hoarse voice. I think the kids have liked that I haven't been able to talk much as they have tried to get away with all sorts of things lately. When you can't say "no" forcefully or audibly...I guess in their world it just really doesn't count.

We are on the mend now. Ella seems to be almost back to normal, but gets tired out a little still, Ben is his bouncy, busy self, and I am just down to a cough now. We should be out of the woods in no time. Being sick this winter has really taken the wind out of my sails, thanks for always checking the blog...I'll try to get back to posting more regularily.

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