Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Auntie Jill ROCKS!

Who's got the best Auntie? We do!! Our Auntie Jill is one of the coolest aunties anyone could ever have. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you! My little brother and I got a package in the mail today...and not just any package. It was a neat little box all wrapped up with our names clear as a daisy right on the front. It even came complete with a big ol' stamp in the corner. I thought this was pretty neat. I had to explain to Ben that although the box was cool, it wasn't the actual present. I just knew there had to be something inside.

I know right now you are asking yourselves "what in a box of jelly donuts was inside?" I understand the suspense is killing you...believe you me...it played a number on me too! Once we were able to rip of the wrapping, the box was revealed. It was a cell phone box. You heard me right, a cell phone box. My mouth immediately hit the floor. Wow, it even had a picture...it was the most beautiful red you had ever seen. I couldn't believe it...mine, all mine. Whoa...wait a minute...hmmm...that box said "Ben and Ella". Great, that means I have to share this gem of a gift. While I was contemplating how I could weasle this fabulous phone out of my little brother's paws, Mom informed me that that was just the picture on the box...not what was actually inside. Hmmm...okay. What could possibily be better than your own cell phone?

When I opened it up, I squealed with delite (literally). I could hardly contain my excitement. What had made a long journey all the way from Chicago turned out to be my new, beautiful, custom, hand-made mittens!!!! They are so warm, fuzzy, and couture. I just can't get over that fact that Auntie Jill made them from a ball of yarn...all by herself...with just a hook! I mean...seriously...who does this kind of stuff?!? Pure talent.

Ben got his own pair, and he too was very excited. What's not to like? They are black and they are even connected by a string so if you whip them around you can hit stuff with them! He seemed pretty happy.

Thanks, Auntie Jill, for such a cool present. Mom tells me that is wasn't even my birthday or Christmas. It must be because of my good looks and sparkling personality. Who can argue with that logic?

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